• controlroom.co is software as a service (saas). This means it is software that is installed on a remote server and operated entirely within your web browser. It is hosting at AWS Sydney and runs on the latest versions of the Debian operating system, PHP coding environment and MariaDB more»
  • Manage the site presentation completely within the system with easy to use interface. Multiple templates, starting from scratch or based on / inheriting settings / styles etc from parent template. Template can apply to either a single section, the section and it’s subsections or just subsections. Template attributes Site title Character separating the page title from site title Navigation type Standard Drop-down Navigation automatically converts to mobile optimised for more»
  •  A ‘section’ is a unit of content. Generally a section equates with a page on your website, but they are also much more flexible than that. Sections make up the website navigation. In addition to text and images there is a range of web features built in to controlroom.co that can be added to these sections. Where other systems have distinct units for each content type, controlroom.co has only one flexible and adaptable unit. This makes it easier to get started quickly and more»
    Web content
  • The database tool in controlroom.co provides a broad range of tools for running a modern website or online application. These tools can operate separately from the web content engine or tightly integrated into it. Multiple independent databases can be created, using unique settings templates. You can also great groups within these templates and smart groups based on search criteria. Adding a database Add a database by clicking the add button at the top of the databases menu. Give more»
  • controlroom.co has a tool build-in for dispatching email. The recipients for any email dispatch are stored in the controlroom.co database. You can target any group, saved search (smart group) or specific user. Options available: Send to In the first field select group, search or user. A further field will be presented allowing you to select the group, search or user you want to target. Schedule You can send the email in real time or schedule if for a further date If you more»
  • Photos can be uploaded and stored on the controlroom.co server, then added to web content in a number of different ways.    Basic section content Section image thumbnail main banner roll-overs Photo more»
  •  CKFinder is an advanced file manager with support for multiple file upload. Use it to: Group files into folders and subfolders. Move or copy files between folders. Filter files to easily find what you need. Delete unneeded files at any moment. Image features Drag and drop images. Paste images from clipboard straight into the editor. Automatically upload images from Word documents. Upload multiple images at more»
  • The calendar system presents events in a month by month calendar presentation, as a subsection preview list or both. The current day is highlighted, and events on each day are listed by title. Clicking the title takes the user to the event section, with all the features and formatting any other section can have. If there is no section content then the title will not be clickable. Once a section has had the calendar feature applied, all subsection will have event fields, in addition to the more»
  • controlroom.co comes with matomo built in, a comprehensive web visitor statistics package. You can also integrate Google Analytics by entering the GA code into the site template. Matomo features Open source Minimise risk with a secure, transparent platform that’s been thoroughly tested by hundreds of contributors. 100% accurate data No data sampling means you can make impactful decisions based on 100% accurate reporting. Adjusts to your needs Create the tool of your dreams. Matomo more»
  • controlroom.co can integrate with all popular payment gateways so you take payments from your website or online application. Payments is where you can add and edit payment gateway credentials, see all transactions and links to the orginating action e.g. the more»