Manage the site presentation completely within the system with easy to use interface.

Multiple templates, starting from scratch or based on / inheriting settings / styles etc from parent template.

Template can apply to either a single section, the section and it’s subsections or just subsections.

Template attributes

  • Site title
  • Character separating the page title from site title
  • Navigation type
    • Standard
    • Drop-down
  • Navigation automatically converts to mobile optimised for smaller screen sizes
  • Copyright owner … automatically included at the bottom of the page in the format (c) YEAR owner
  • Default meta description and keywords
    • Can be over-ridden at the level of individual sections
  • Custom code fields for inclusion in site header
    • Allows for the inclusion of plugins or other software scripts
  • Custom layout HTML
    • Uses placeholders for elements controlled by the system
    • Only for experts! Useful for blank / text only pages
  • Google analytics. Just enter UA code
  • Content snippets
    • Content you want to fix across the entire site or parts of it
    • Eight different zones places throughout the layout
    • Can be formatted text, social features, email subscribe, shopping cart etc


  • Every element on the default HTML template and generated by has a style
  • Every CSS attribute (fonts, colours, margins etc) can be defined for these elements
  • Variations can be defined for desktop (default), tablet and mobile screen sizes
  • Individual styles override the corresponding default style
    • You can create a new template with only one style attribute variation, or an entirely different layout
  • Navigation elements have a base style definition, then each item (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc) can have it’s own definition
    • For example, you may want the last menu item highlighted with a different colour or border